Do you need publishing help?

Writing a book?

I can read your sample chapters to check for basic spelling and grammar accuracy. 16.00 an hour (budget to be agreed before).

I can read your book proposal and cover letter before you send it. I know what publishers and agents are looking for, and what they need. 25.00 an hour (budget to be agreed before).

I can work alongside you as you write a book proposal. This is perfect for those writing a non-fiction title and want to submit it to agents and publishers. This can save you a lot of time as I can advise you on what they actually need and want. 25.00 an hour (budget to be agreed before).

Manuscript editing and proofreading ready for submission. 16.00 an hour (budget to be agreed before).

Need some publishing advice?

Do you need an agent? Can I self-publish? Where do I start? How much money am I likely to make? If you just need someone to email to ask these questions, I can offer this service at 20.00 an hour (budget to be agreed before). Often these questions can delay a writer getting started or moving on to the next stage. If you need a qualified kick up the backside, get in touch.

Applying for a publishing job?

I can read your CV and cover letter – a typo won’t get you the job. 25.00 flat fee for CV, 45.00 for both.



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